Monday, February 22, 2010

I can see clearly now....

Hahaha....or actually I can already see results. I am into my second week on my new plan and things are fantastic!! I am fully dedicated to the gym. I have been going every morning before work at about 4:30AM and it's awesome!!! I can already feel the difference in my pants and some of my shirts, although, just a tiny difference only noticeable to me, but a difference nonetheless.

I have been struggling a little with my hunger, especially when I am stressed out. When I have a stressful moment I want to just run to the pantry and grab a tub of peanut butter and chow down. But, I try to resort to other alternatives. Even though, this past weekend, I did have a stressful melt down and steered off course, but got myself aligned the very next day.

I am also attempting to cook new foods. Normally, I have to cook for the entire week on Sundays because of my busy schedule. Usually I cook something that has a ton of servings and eat that for lunches and dinners all week....BORING!!! So I am cooking lots of smaller meals that will get me through the week but keep me from eating the same thing all week. This week I made Chicken Parmigiana and a Texas-Style Casserole. I also have the stuff to make a healthier, lighter version of fish and chips, just haven't made it yet. I am also keeping myself stocked up with plenty of good snacking as at least if I feel a snack attack coming on, I have something at hand and I don't wind up in the car making my way to Burger King.

Some how, I have crazy motivation and I truly hope that it keeps going.

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